Hull City Council to Fluoridise Tap Water

26 January 2018

Hull City Council have made plans to add fluorine to Hull’s drinking water by 2020 to promote dental health.

Water fluoridation is part of the Hull Oral Health Plan , an extensive plan to ‘improve oral health for local people’ which the council will attempt to implement before 2020.

A spokesperson for Hull City Council said: “We are still at an early stage and need to do further background work before we can begin any formal discussions.”

The Oral Health plan cites a correlation between deprivation and poor oral health and states that Hull is within the 5% of most deprived local authorities.

The plan stated: “Unacceptable inequalities exist with more vulnerable, disadvantaged and socially excluded groups experiencing more oral health problems.”

The benefits and hazards of artificial fluoridation of drinking water have been a hot topic of debate since the first instance of the practice in 1950’s USA.

Fluorine consumption has been associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, bone and teeth disorders and may have negative effects on neurological development.

Also effecting some areas of East Yorkshire, the benefits alleged by the council have been responded to by some locals.

Disdainers argue that the negligible dental health benefits are minor and not worth the adverse effects of fluorine consumption. This argument has been backed up in various academic papers on the issue.

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