Cyclists fear roads in Hull are dangerous for them

2 February 2018

Cyclist campaigners in Hull fear that the city’s roads are becoming increasingly unsafe for them, writes Baltzer Musherure.

Although he is not from Hull himself, Geoff Backshall, secretary of the City Road Club thinks that the number of accidents in the city have certainly risen: “From an outsider’s point of view, there is a big concern in Hull, as there has been a significant increase in the number of bicycle accidents.

“We get claims that there are cycle paths that are too narrow, ill thought out, and shared by pedestrians and these are risks.” He went on to say how it is difficult to use a cycle path:

“You try to use one and they are littered with debris and are unsuitable for the task which they purport to perform.”

A campaign called “safe pass” was issued in 2017 to give more space to cyclists overtaking. According to Geoff, the campaign “has not been taken up in Hull yet.”

Despite this, how can residents in Hull reduce the number of bicycle accidents?

Janie Thoresby, from East Hull a volunteer for the city of culture thinks that cyclists need road training:

Brian Heath, 28 from West Hull says there need to be fewer buildings: “There are a few buildings that are not being used, like abandoned warehouses. If these were taken down, this would create more space for cars and cyclists and this would reduce accidents.”

Humberside police refused to comment.




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