Disabled people struggle to get suitable equipment

13 April 2018

From issues with everyday tasks, more disabled people are struggling to get suitable mobility equipment they feel would be beneficial to their quality of life.

In Hull, it is down to the NHS and NRS to provide wheelchairs for those who need them, however, budgets have been increasingly reduced, making it harder for wheelchair users to get the equipment they feel would have life changing impacts.

It doesn’t help the fact that budgets get cut but the prices of equipment still are on the rise. Many disabled have said the costs of specialised equipment’s is an outrage, it costs thousands depending on the adaptions you need.

Miss Martin, 22, from Hull is wheelchair bound and had to turn to the kindness of charities to help her get the money for a new wheelchair. Mobility Trust helped with the costs.

Miss Martin said: “The chair is so amazing it will help me to get out and about, I would like to say thank you to the Mobility Trust because this would have been impossible if it wasn’t for their help.”

Other disabled people are not so lucky and increasingly trying to find new ways to help raise money for equipment, many use crowdfunding sites, like Gofundme.

Dylan Wainman, who has cerebral palsy knows about this all too well. He is wanting a new wheelchair that will enable him to live more independently but cannot afford the cost of it on his own.

Mr Wainman has been told the NHS will provide him just £5,000 towards the cost of the automatic chair, this isn’t enough to cover half of the overall cost. He would have to find or fund the rest of £13,000 cost of the chair himself.

He expressed, “My legs don’t work but my mind does, I want to live like everyone else does. It’s outrageous.”

Many people face these same challenges of getting equipment and want the government to realise the impacts of budget cuts and make changes.

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