Engineering organisations encourage more women to become part of their teams

9 March 2017

Companies including Siemens and Green Port are planning to get more women involved in the engineering industry.

According to business leaders in the Humber region, there are not enough women applying to work in manufacturing and engineering.

The engineering scene has been criticised for being very male dominated.

Guy Dorrell, spokesman for Siemens said:”Only 9% of engineers qualifying at present are female.”

However several Hull companies are now hoping to attract more women by holding events for female students in the East Riding, which will showcase careers in manufacturing and engineering.

Green Port is flying multiple campaigns to encourage the next generation of women to get involved. They told us how they had great success at there last event that was back in August 2016.

Siemens are supporting apprenticeships and are looking especially for women.

Mr Dorrell said: “There is still a lack of women definitely.

“I don’t think there is a single job in the factory that one gender could not do more easily than the other.”

Guy Dorrell told us more about what Siemens are doing:

Elaine Painter, who is the curriculum leader for engineering at Hull College also believes their is a huge lack of women in engineering. She said they only every get one or two females who join the colleges engineering courses a year.

Ms Elaine said: “I don’t think they have the encouragement in their early education that sends them down that route.

“I think there needs to be more of a targeted approach in primary schools so that the girls are thinking early on that it’s something they fancy doing.”

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