Flannels to open a store in St Stephens

26 January 2018

by Fallon Flanagan

 The high-end fashion store owned by Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley is set to open another chain within St Stephens, Hull. With its 10th year coming up St Stephens has seen to be making major changes to the retailers within the centre. With Zara, Sports Direct, Dorothy Perkins and USC all moving out of the centre in 2017 there was plenty of room for fresh, new stores.

St Stephen is home to many popular and affordable high-street stores such as Topshop, New Look and River Island. The designer retailer sells brands such as Gucci, Givenchy and Moncler who all sell clothing, accessories and shoes for as high as £3,000. With St Stephen’s average customer being a working class person, it is questionable how well this designer shop will fare with the people of Hull.

However, since the announcement the overall public seem to be responding well and have an excited buzz about it. Emma Bird from Hull tweeted saying:

Jack Cardwell, 22 from Hull said that hes excited about the opening of the store as “Hull doesn’t really have anything like it” but is abit apprehensive whether the shop will do well within the centre.

Whereas Rebecca Godtharbe, 24 who works in the city center said she believes “it’s a bad move on their part. Not many people in Hull can afford the stuff Flannels sells, and the ones that can afford it won’t be shopping in Hull they will go to either Manchester or Leeds”.

A poll on Facebook and Twitter asking “Are you excited about the new Flannels store opening in St Stephens?” brought back results showing that the people of Hull are infact excited about the opening of the new store, with 63% voting ‘yes’.


Are you excited about the new Flannels store moving to St Stephens?
Yes – Hull needs a designer store.
No – No one will be able to afford it.

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