Floe: Hull’s final City of Culture event starts tonight

8 December 2017

Tonight marks the fourth and final event for Hull’s City of Culture campaign.

Floe is going to be an epic scale projection and soundscape by artists Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer. The event is going to virtually transform and remodel The Deep’s famous architecture using dramatic underwater footage inspired by The Deep.

The event will run over three nights from today (Friday) through to Sunday. The projection will begin at 6pm and will run through to 10pm with regular showings.

A City of Culture spokesperson said:

“It will reflect a sense of the rich aquatic life contained within the building as the light penetrates and shafts through the depths of its maritime environments.”

Heinrich and Palmer are UK-based artists and have a wide array of artistic projects under their belts. From installations through to large scale projections Heinrich and Palmer have worked all across the UK. They had an installation in Hull last year called ‘Strange Attractor’. It was in Zebedee’s Yard and featured a magnetic LED lit pendulum that swung in an arc and projected vivid patterns.

Katy Duke, The Deep’s CEO, said:

“Being the inspiration behind Floe is a huge privilege, which we hope will engage and inspire audiences, not only with our iconic building but the natural world.”

Over 3,000 people are interested in the event on Facebook so it promises to be busy and has a lot of the city talking.


Ben Foulston, who is part of the security team looking after the event and its visitors said:

“I doubt there will be any trouble over the weekend, these type of events are usually busy but everyone is always in high spirits.”

Mr Foulston also was lucky enough to see the public art projection last night and from what he said it sounds amazing.:

“I saw the test run last night and it was visually amazing, the scene is set perfectly and everyone is definitely in for a treat.”

The final commission in the Look Up public realm artworks will be visible from the outdoor theatre area opposite the C4DI building. Turn up early to get yourself a seat!

Rob Maciver.

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