Hull: Appeal made for blood donors

17 February 2017

Hull residents are being asked to donate a small amount of blood at local clinics because of shortages of some blood types, writes Chelsea Sparke.

According to the NHS 25 per cent of people need donated blood at some point in their life time.

However, statistics show that only 4 per cent of people are registered as blood donors hence the recent appeal for people to donate.

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For every 100 people who donate it equals the amount of 47 litres of blood: 

This month there are many clinics holding sessions in and around the Hull area. Some of the sessions are:

17th February, The Freedom Centre down Preston Road, 20th February, The Town Hall in Hessle down South Lane and 23rd February, Bradbury Community House down Newland Avenue.

There are different blood types and some are more common than others, B- is very rare and is needed. However, O positive is the most common blood type and most likely to be transfused.

Blood donations can be used after an operation or through transfusions. The people who receive the blood are generally in a very vulnerable or critical position. The Blood donations helps to save lives. 

From more information go to: or contact local GP and they will help

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