Hull Dance Festival will celebrate the importance of Art Education.

9 March 2017

Hull school pupils will be taught how to dance during a week-long workshop aimed at broadening their cultural experiences, writes Micah Abbey.

Pupils from nine primary and secondary schools will then show of their new skills at a dance festival at the end of June.

The workshops and festival are being organised by The David Ross Education Trust that aims to introduce children to a wide variety of dance as well as celebrate arts and culture.

Community groups such as residential care homes will be invited to watch performances which will mainly take place around public space around Hull.

Organisers believe that the project will benefit schools allowing thousands of pupils to engage in culuture opportunties that aren’t offer in areas around Hull.

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The children will learn how to adapt thier experience t their performances using a variety of different dance styles.

This summer the festival will take place on a smaller scale, with schools being encouraged to put together a week of dance for the children. Depending on the success off the event, there are plans to expand on the festival on a larger scale next year.

Click on the link below to open an infographic of the cost break for this project.


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