24 November 2017

Hull Record Fair will take place tomorrow at Fruit, Humber Street, with 26 tables of vinyl to browse your way through and free entry it is worth taking a look writes Lauren Barnett.

Fruit, Humber Street, Hull

Fruit runs the fair bi-monthly through out the year and tomorrow it will begin at 9 am until 3pm where there will be a wide range of genres to look through from “Abba – Zappa” as well as this the bar will be open selling their amazing range of craft beers.

In the past there was a decline of vinyl being purchased through the world however recent reports have shown how records have increased in popularity with in the last five years with some of the biggest artists today selling more vinyl than CDs. In fact last year vinyl sales were up by 53%, the highest in 25 years, where as CD sales were down by 10%.

Rise in Vinyl Sales – Made on Infogram (JPEG)

Chris Birch, Venue and Bar Manager at Fruit, stated “I don’t think there is a decline in vinyl purchases anymore. There seems to be a huge increase in the amount of people visiting the fair and buying records in general from other shops.”

Chris also added “Every music genre possible will be represented at the fair. There is something for all music tastes.”

Along side the record fair local brit pop band Soda will be launching their first ever vinyl LP. In the mid 90’s Soda were signed to Fontana and this is the release of their lost 1996 debut album which was produced by the same producers who worked with Madness and Elvis Costello. Their singles charted in the UK such as “The Young Own The Town” and “Inside”.

Life’s Not Out To Get You by Neck Deep Vinyl Record, Photographed by Lauren Barnett

If you want to add to your ever growing collection or just fancy a browse head down to 62-63 Humber Street, Fruit tomorrow.

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