Hull Local Council Elections: Residents discuss what changes should be made in the city

13 April 2018

Ahead of the local council elections in Hull, people have been discussing what changes should be made in the city, writes Danielle Hayes

Venue owner and promotor of O’Riley’s Darren Bunting said he would like there to be more help available for local independent businesses.

Here is what Mr Bunting explained on a Facebook post:

Other people said they would like to see more support in Hull for arts and music, despite arts being promoted and encouraged in Hull throughout it’s year as the City of Culture in 2017.

They said:

Votes for the local council election will take place on Thursday 3 May.

Usually, a third of the council seats in Hull are up for grabs but this year it’s an all-out election due to a recent review of ward boundaries in the city.

The number of council seats has been reduced from 59 to 57 and changes have been made to most of the ward boundaries. Some current wards will disappear after May 3 to be replaced with new-look wards with new names.

The parties in Guildhall at the moment are:

  • 38 Labour councillors
  • 17 Liberal Democrat councillors
  • Two Conservative councillors
  • Two councillors with no party affiliation.

If you are not already registered to vote and want to, you must apply by Tuesday 17 April 17.

To vote in the election you must be –

  • British
  • Irish
  • from a qualifying Commonwealth country
  • a European¬†Union citizen
  • registered to vote
  • 18 years old or over on 3 May 2018

For more details on voter registration and proxy voting email or call 01482 300300.

Votes in each ward will be counted on the night of the election after the polls close at 10pm. The results will be announced over the following couple of hours.

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