Corbyn’s free school meals extension welcomed by Hull parents

7 April 2017

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement that the party would extend free school meals for all primary school children has brought a welcome response from Hull parents.



The proposed idea by Corbyn to extend the current scheme to include all children, financed by VAT from private school fees, has led to some parents disagreeing with how it should be funded however.



Diane Kidman, 43, from Kirk Ella said “I don’t agree with that idea. Free school meals provision need to be policed better so that those that need it the most receive it.”

Some parents believe that families that are well off shouldn’t be asked to contribute more towards the welfare of poorer children.

Hayley Lint, 24, of Analaby Road said “If they have got their money and earned it, why should they pay for other people’s children? but me personally, if I knew I could help another child who didn’t have enough money, I would do.”

While there may be some debate as to who should pay for the extension of the free school meal scheme, there is strong belief that a school meal is vital to a child’s learning and welfare.

Mark Rodgers, 45, Analaby Road said “In broken Britain, school might be the only chance they have of someone caring for them.”

Economics may not be the only reason that a child can go hungry; some have suggested a busy, modern lifestyle can simply mean that a parent doesn’t have the time to ensure that a child is fed before attending a full day at school.

Cycilly Bodice, a former teaching assistant from Beverley said “mums are busy and sometimes they don’t have time to get their children ready in a morning. I used to teach children who didn’t have time for breakfast.”

In 2016, figures published by the Department of Education showed that the amount of families claiming free school meals has fell to the lowest level since 2001.

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