Hull School of Art and Design puts poetry on the pavement.

29 September 2017


A poem written as part of the UK’s biggest poetry and performance festival has been displayed outside of Hull School of Art and Design.

This is a permanent visual art feature sprayed onto the pavement coming out of the front of the building.


Graphic Design Lecturer, Dave Eccles explained:

” We were asked  to install one of the poems outside of the building so we got some graphic design students together to think about how we could lay it all out. There were some crazy, highly creative ideas.”

The poem was written around  12 key words pertaining to  different parts of the country. “Didlum” being the Humberside contribution.

It was created  by aptly named poet Isaiah Hull,  who, at  only 19, is already seen as  one of the country’s most interesting and diverse artists.

Poetry has seen a rise in popularity and is becoming fashionable again.

Director of “Contains Strong Language”, Sue Roberts, said:

“Poetry is one of the oldest art forms, and is being rediscovered as a versatile, dynamic and powerful mode of expression, enjoyed and created by young and old, on paper, phones and tablets, in digital spaces, on the streets, as well as in books and magazines.”

It seems only fitting that HSAD is the location to celebrate poetry as an art form.

Hull College joins various venues throughout the city to play host to  BBC “Contains Strong Language” Poetry and Performance Festival.


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