Italian links with Hull shown in new exhibition

23 February 2018

A new exhibition at The Streetlife Museum is highlighting the importance of migrants coming to work in the city.

The exhibition will be open to the public from tomorrow (Saturday 24 February) from 1pm and will remain open until July 1. There will be live music and Italian-related crafts to celebrate the launch.

Streetlife Museum: Hull Museums

In 1904 Osvaldo Toffolo came over from Italy to work in London as a floor layer from there he got a contract to work in Hull. He created a mosaic and terrazzo business in 1916 which was passed through the Toffolo generations and is one of the most recognisable business’ in the city. Their work can be seen in all different places including Tower Nightclub, NAPA, House of Fraser and Herons on Paragon Street.

Example of Toffolo work

Carl Toffolo, the last generation to own the business, said:

“My great great grandfather came across in the 1900s with his two brothers. The company he worked for in London sent him to Hull to do a job and he stayed. I took over in 1990 and then continued there on. Probably every second building in Hull has got something we did to it. it’s a celebration really of us being useful. We need each other with different skills.”






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