More products in Hull shopping baskets shrink

26 January 2018

More products in Hull’s shopping baskets are getting smaller, writes Jools Oughtibridge.

The phenomenon is known as “Shrinkflation” has hit another staple of the food cupboard with the announcement that McVities are shrinking their family size packets of Digestive biscuits from 500g to 400g, with only a small 10p reduction in the price.

In real terms, this means that the packet will now contain 7 fewer biscuits.

This is the latest in a long line of products that have seen the size drop with little or no change to the price.

The list of recent products includes:

Nick Bunker, managing director for pladis UK & Ireland, owners of McViites, detailed how changes to the market have had a significant impact on their manufacturing process.

“The rising cost of ingredients and changes in the exchange rates means it has become more expensive to bake our products,” he said.

“We work hard to drive efficiencies throughout our business to absorb cost increases, but occasionally, like many other businesses in these challenging times, we do need to make some adjustments.”

5 Products affected by Shrinkflation

Companies will be looking to keep their profits without alienating consumers and suppliers, and the trend to shrink product will continue until prices have to rise.

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