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Plans for Pearson Park given green light

3 February 2017

£2.3 million is being ploughed into Pearson Park to reinstate many of the Victorian beauty spot’s historic features.


The funds are coming from the Heritage Lottery Fund, on the exception of returning period features that have been lost or removed over recent years.


The park over recent years has started to look more drab and lost its sense of nostalgia after main features were vandalised or removed for conservation.



The ice cream kiosk used to be full on nice days now it is shut down and is covered in graffiti.

The park is definitely in need of a sprucing, the fields are bare in parts and its pavements broken. Rubbish hasn’t been cleared and loose pieces clutter the landscape.




Amongst all the renovations, the open fields and surrounding grounds are getting a reconfiguration with new lit-up walkways being installed. The pond is going to have the bridge reinstalled as well, which was removed years ago.

Leader of Hull City Council, Stephen Brady said:

“It’s projects like the restoration of Pearson Park that will help to put Hull on the map as a world-class destination.”


The bandstand is going to be reinstalled to be a central part of the new community gardens that will also have seating for 60 people.


Charles Arundell, 22 from Park Grove, had this to say when asked about the parks restorations:

“I was aware there were plans for the upgrades but I didn’t expect costs to surpass £100,000. Adding a significant reason to visit the park would be great as well as restoring the aesthetic beauty.”


Pearson Park is considered to be a dangerous place now especially at night, which is when most of the trouble happens.

When asked about the crime rate in the area and how to improve it Harry Javan, 30 from Beverley Road said: “ There should be more lighting on here at night, I don’t like having to walk my dog when it’s dark, I feel threatened at times so there should be more of a police presence as well.”



So with the regenerations starting soon, perhaps Pearson Park will become a central hub to the local avenues community and will start to bring in jobs and plenty of trade.

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