Stop wasting! How can we reduce Fly-Tipping in Hull?

8 December 2017

The number of fly-tipping cases has increased in Hull since last year, writes Baltzer Musherure.

According to data from Hull Observatory, since last year, the number of fly-tipping cases increased from 4,368 to 5,276 . Carl Smith, owner of Sansha Dance Shop on Spring Bank said he has had to deal with problems of large amounts of rubbish being dumped near his shop. According to him, the fly-tipping has slightly improved, although the council could do more to help:

He went on to say that although his business has not directly been affected by the waste, it is not good for customers wanting to shop near the area.

Hull City Council cleaned some of the wastage near Mr Smith’s shop, however there was still a lot left.

How do you think we should prevent/reduce fly-tipping in Hull?

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