Student Discount Saved at King Billy Car Park

29 September 2017

The car park at King William House has confirmed the students of Hull College will still benefit from substantial savings once the new owners take over on Monday.

Incoming owners of the car park confirmed they would be taking over the multi-story building on High Street, but until now would refused to comment on possible price increases.

For several years the outgoing owners have offered students a highly discounted daily rate reducing the cost from seven pounds per day to just one pound eighty. This compared to other parking venues in the area is quite considerable.

The graphic above, demonstrates the cost of parking for a student studying three days per week over a forty one week academic year.

A source at Q Park said:

“the area manager has assured me that all of the current rates will be honoured when we take control of the site on Monday.”

A written assurance from Q Park was requested but not available at this time.

A member of staff from the car park said:


Hull College have been contacted about the ongoing support for the students and how it will benefit them in the future, we are waiting on the response.

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