Trinity Market push plans to extend their license hours

12 March 2018

Trinity Market are trying to be granted permission to extend their trading hours to allow them to trade up to 1am during events in the city.

Application notices have today gone up in the market for a entertainment & alcohol licence. If approved, the licence will cover all kinds of entertainment from exhibitions to live music, with hours ranging to 1am for one-off events the market could be part of in the future.

Most traders on the market are wanting to push this idea to the council so it will encourage more people to visit but also to increase sales percentages and popularity for the market as sales have been down in recent years.

The application has been sent to the council however a reply has not yet been issued back to the market, it is still outstanding and could be for a few weeks.

— Hull CC News (@Hullccnews) March 8, 2018

Notices have been placed around the market to try get the publics support. Hull City Council will have 20 working days to respond to licence extension applications however restrictions may be made to what you are applying for.

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