Vintage Fair Heads to Hull City Hall

29 September 2017

An award-winning vintage fair is coming to Hull with a collection of clothing, tea rooms, music, classic cars and more.

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair will be held at Hull City Hall, starting at 11am to 5pm tomorrow (Saturday 30th September).  Entry to the fair is free for children under 12 and for everyone else it is £2 per each at the entrance of the Hall.

Visiting more than 40 cities across the country with the UK’s best vintage traders this is the biggest vintage fair in the country travelling with, a tea party serving tea and cakes in traditional china, and a pop up hair and beauty salon giving you a makeover back in time.

Expectations should include stall upon stall of affordable shopping, with vintage and retro clothing, home ware, jewellery and collectibles from the 1920s to the 1980s.”

This is their 9th year as an organisation and the fashion industry still means as much to them now as it did back 2008.

Emily Taysom, Press and Marketing Manager at Lou Lou’s, said:

“Keeping the vintage industry going is super important; vintage fashion is something that offers an alternative route to mass-manufactured items of clothing. It’s basically the antithesis from buying throwaway fashion and can offer something more ethical and sustainable.

“Vintage allows people to discover decades past and develop their own personal style with items that have history and character.”


As well as speaking with the fair managers many vintage clothing fans were keen to share their view on the fashion industry.

Immy Lamb, 19, Professional Musicianship in Vocals student, said

“From working in the vintage fashion industry and high street fashion, you can see nods to the 50s, 60s and 70s whether it be from a pair of Chelsea boots, leather jackets or a pan collar on a 60s dress. They are all so important to tailoring today.

“Trends always seem to repeat themselves a few years a go it was 60s fashion then now a days it seems more 90s.”

Vintage fashion has increased in sales over the past decade allowing more people to explore to trends of the past.


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