Women explore sex discrimination in Hull’s music scene

23 February 2018

An open meeting for women raised concerns of gender inequality and sexual harassment in Hull’s music scene, writes Danielle Hayes.

Make Noise Hull joined forces with The Warren Youth Project to hold an event to consult gig-goers, musicians and engineers on issues and barriers they have experienced.

The majority of the women who attended said they feel unsafe going to gigs alone due to harassment they have experienced.

Here’s what some of the women said they would like to change in the music scene:

The female group (Make Noise Hull) consists of Rosie Collins, Yaz Watson, Megan Thundercliffe, Jazz Harbord, Yssi Wombwell, Philly McAndrew and Katie Hayes, who are all young women passionate about music.

As well as talks amongst everyone who attended the event, there was also a panel of three female music professionals who shared their experiences of working in the industry.

The panel members were Emily Dawson who is a freelance stage manager and backline technician, Ali Hubbard who is a tour manager and involved in the production of Humber Street Sesh, and Hannah Lutkin who has worked in the live music/festival scene for the past 15 years.

The panel, which was held on Wednesday 21 February, gave the audience advice on how to start their careers, shared their views on the gender divide in the industry and said what changes they would like to see happen in the future.

Make Noise Hull plan to host another open meeting for women in six months time to reflect on what they have done and what changes have been made for women in the music scene.

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